[plt-scheme] Error Reporting in Cygwin w/ Rxvt or xterm and Quack

From: Costin Badescu (badescu.costin at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jun 18 00:52:13 EDT 2008


I've tried the newest version of MzScheme, 4.0, with Cygwin and Rxvt 
and it doesn't print 
out errors from the REPL. It gathers all the errors and prints them 
out when you exit from 
the REPL. It seems that similar problems were encountered with much 
earlier versions such 
as 204. I tried installing the X server and xterm and the same thing 
happens with that. Is 
there any setting that I might alter either on Cygwin/Rxvt or 
MzScheme to fix this?

PS: In Emacs w/Quack I get the same result as in Cygwin.


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