[plt-scheme] Swedish keyboard bug in DrScheme

From: Pekka Karjalainen (p3k at iki.fi)
Date: Fri Jun 13 12:33:43 EDT 2008

On 6/13/08, Niklas Larsson <nifty at live.se> wrote:
> In DrScheme 4.0 for Windows it is impossible to type a backslash character
> on a swedish keyboard. We use the AltGr-+ combination to get '\' on swedish
> keyboards, it does nothing in DrScheme, all other AltGr combinations seem to
> work fine (braces, @, $, €...). This problem didn't exist in v371. A really
> weird bug.

DrScheme has a default keybinding where Meta-\ means "TeX compress".
This changes the names of greek letters written in TeX style to the
corresponding symbols. E.g. \beta turns into the actual character for
lowercase beta. I think this only works when the caret is placed right
after such a string.

You can change the keybinding with the help of this piece of code.
It's based on a message I found in the mailing list archives, as
referenced. Save this as a file mykeys.ss somewhere convenient.

;; following the msg
(module mykeys (lib "keybinding-lang.ss" "framework")
  (define (make-handler s)
    (lambda (editor event)
      (send editor insert (make-object string-snip% s))))

  (keybinding "M:\\" (make-handler "\\")))

Then go to Edit -> Keybindings -> Add User-defined Keybindings and
choose the file you just saved. This should make the key combination
do what you expect. You can remove this file from use later; an option
to do this appears in the menu.

If the preferred form for the above in DrScheme 4.0 is something else,
I'd be happy to know about it. All I really know is that it works for
me, and I'll eventually get around to learning more about snips and

Pekka Karjalainen, with pretty much the same kind of keyboard

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