[plt-scheme] macro question

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 10 20:25:40 EDT 2008

On Jun 10, 2008, at 6:56 PM, Michael Vanier wrote:

> Parenthetically, both Python and Perl are considering adopting some  
> kind of explicit type annotations to the language.  It would be  
> cool for PLT Scheme to do it earlier and better than either of them.

The Rice Scheme community has been working on types for untyped  
language since 1987/8. I could be wrong but I think that Python  
wasn't even around then.

The Typed Scheme project is now close to 18 months old. The 4.0  
release is the first release that includes Typed Scheme as a core  
language rather than as a PLaneT package.

We published our first paper within a month of the 'gradual typing'  
guys who chose a non-selective venue (the Scheme workshop) while we  
chose a selective one (the Dynamic Language Symposium). The Python  
and Perl 6 people claim to follow the lead of that work. If they  
understood that just adding type annotations at random places is  
unsound, they might pay attention to Typed Scheme. BUT, these people  
don't even know what 'unsound' could mean, so I have no hope that  
they would ever understand the word 'type' either.

Citations for Typed Scheme available from http://www.ccs.neu.edu/ 
scheme/pubs/ (Tobin-Hochstadt).

-- Matthias

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