[plt-scheme] macro question

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 7 20:01:33 EDT 2008

On Jun 7, 2008, at 3:58 PM, Michael Vanier wrote:

> Completely off-topic, I have to say that I am really keen on the  
> idea of typed Scheme (which I haven't used yet, though I've read  
> the paper).  I found that about 90% of the bugs in my code were  
> stupid type errors.  Contracts would probably have helped a lot too.

1. Typed Scheme will be released as a part of 4.0 so you can play  
with it as you wish.

2. I consider it a nothing but an unfounded rumor that significant  
errors are discovered with type systems. I wouldn't conduct this  
research if finding typo-level errors were the only benefit of types.  
Basic unit testing exposes even more of these typo-level bugs, plus  
some significant ones.

-- Matthias

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