[plt-scheme] Vancouver Lisp Users Group meeting for July 2008 - Web development with Lisp and UCW

From: Bill Clementson (billclem at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 15 19:02:09 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I've written about the web development framework UnCommon Web (UCW) a
bit in the past (for links, see:
http://bc.tech.coop/blog/080715.html). Also, we've had presentations
about lisp-on-lines (which uses UCW) by Drew Crampsie at a few
previous lispvan meetings (for links, see:
http://bc.tech.coop/blog/080715.html). However, we've never actually
had a UCW presentation! Well, this will no longer be the case after
our July meeting. Ryan Davis has been using UCW to develop web sites
in Florida (I'm sure it must be a hardship to have to take your laptop
to the beach 365 days of the year! ;-) ), and he will be giving a
presentation at the July lispvan meeting recounting his experiences.

Although we were hoping to be moving to a new location (with a
projector and a special meeting room!) for this month's meeting, the
new location is still under construction (hmmm, I think I've said this
for each of the past 3 meetings; however, Vancouver is experiencing a
continuous building boom and everyone is finding it difficult to get
contractors to complete jobs). Therefore, we will be meeting again
this month at Calhoun's Coffee House and Restaurant. There won't be a
projector, so we'll have to VNC a couple of laptops so that we aren't
all crowded around one laptop. We've done that in the past, so this
shouldn't be a problem (so long as some people remember to bring
laptops! ;-) ).

Here's the "official" meeting notice:

Topic: Web development with Lisp and UCW
Presenter: Ryan Davis
Date: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 (note that the meeting is on a
Wednesday and not a Thursday this month)
Time: 7pm - 10pm (or whenever)
Venue: Calhoun's, 3035 West Broadway, Vancouver (see map)
Summary: Representing a small enclave of Lisp in Florida, Ryan Davis
will demonstrate and review two UCW-based applications:

   1. Gainesville-green.com: a google-maps website displaying energy
usage. This site is mostly straight content generation from a
postgresql database, with a little bit of AJAX and some extra caching
   2. Wedding-rsvp: a simple website to handle RSVPs to my wedding.
This site is basically a wizard, and uses some AJAX and UCW

Depending on time and beer, topics may include:

    * HTML generation using ucw-buildnode, an unreleased library based on cxml
    * UCW basics
    * Deploying lisp websites using SBCL cores

Join us for a beer/coffee and a chance to see/discuss how Lisp and UCW
can be used to create dynamic web sites.

Any updates and additional links can be found on my blog page (see:

If possible, I will do a screencast of Ryan's presentation and post
that on my blog too.

Bill Clementson

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