[plt-scheme] questions about modules and keyword arguments and so on

From: Tyler McMullen (tbmcmullen at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jul 10 11:11:41 EDT 2008

> The essential error is, I think, that you're using the mzscheme
> language not the scheme/base language.  Use modules for *all* of your
> files and start them with
>  #lang scheme/base
> rather than
>  (module name mzscheme ...
> and get rid of the closing ) as well.
> The keyword issue is an incompatibility between the v3 legacy language
> and the v4 language and is documented in the release notes (at least,
> it should be...)

Excellent.  I'll give that a try.

Also, you don't need that eval.  For a beginner you can't really go
> wrong *never* using eval.  I'm serious here -- experienced Schemers
> very rarely use it, and beginners use it far too much.

Gotcha.  I realized that I was probably missing something, as the eval
seemed wrong even to me.  I see what I was doing wrong now though.  Thanks
tremendously for your help.
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