[plt-scheme] some more frtime questions

From: Gregory Cooper (greg at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 31 22:18:00 EST 2008

> Got it, thanks. After I fixed this though, it only worked for the first
> bullet, and returned errors for subsequent ones.
> If I remove the filter, it works fine - i.e:

What was the error it returned when you used the filter?  Depending on
how you've set things up, you may need to filter with (compose
sphere-struct? value-now) instead of just sphere-struct?.

In the mean time, you can keep the list from growing without bound by
replacing the call to filter with code that truncates the list to some
maximum length.

> (define all-bullets
>   (collect-b
>    bullet-e '()
>    (lambda (bullet lst)
>      (cons bullet lst))))
> I've also added some waves of enemies, not very well implemented yet,
> but a start:
> http:[email protected]/2233068235/

Looks like fun!  :-)


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