[plt-scheme] The historical role/value of set-car! and set-cdr!

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at acm.org)
Date: Sun Jan 27 17:41:30 EST 2008

On Jan 27, 2008 12:37 PM, Jos Koot <jos.koot at telefonica.net> wrote:
> There is no choice if you want to be a good programmer.
> Hence it is a must to make the discipline a habit.

That is true Jos.

I wrote a pretty poorly phrased question.

When I wrote it was thinking about what are the steps once takes to
become "disciplined". Is it a habit? It is a choice?

Like you said when it comes to programming, you must be disciplined.

>From your reply, with which I agree, you do decide it is something you
want, and you make it a habit, discipline *is* a habit, and a good one
at that!

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