[plt-scheme] Qs about reporting documentation bugs in v3.99?

From: James Russell (j.russell at alum.mit.edu)
Date: Sun Jan 20 19:28:21 EST 2008

I've been working with v3.99 recently, and I have come across numerous
errors (typos, inconsistencies, etc.) in the new reference 

So I was wondering, first, should I bother reporting them at all?
Is it too early in the process? Are they likely to be found anyway 
as the documentation is revised?

Second, if I should report them, what is the preferred way of doing so?
Should I trickle them in as I come across them, or should I wait and 
send a bunch all at once?  Should I use the built-in bug reporting in 

I've noticed that there aren't too many bug reports on documentation
listed on the website, but even so, how careful should I be about
duplicates?  If I'm going to be making numerous reports, I don't
necessarily feel like looking them all up to see if they've been 
reported already.


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