[plt-scheme] Making a distribution in 372

From: Erich Rast (erich at snafu.de)
Date: Thu Jan 17 13:49:05 EST 2008


I've got an app that is almost ready for final packaging and  
distribution on OS X, but I don't know how to distribute it. It *must*  
be a self-contained bundle, including any dependencies on shared  
libraries. It must also include any Planet archives (may not need to  
download them at the target machine).

I know from a previous hint how to include dynamic libraries, but  
wonder about a few other things:

1.) File types: right now, the machine-dependent standalone app  
doesn't recognize its own files. I have installed an application-file- 
handler, but this only seems to work when a document window is already  
open, it doesn't open the file when it is double-clicked from the  
Finder. Drag & drop of the file on the .app bundle doesn't work either.

2.) Application file icons: Is there a way to programmatically set the  
path to a .icns to be used as the file icons of application documents?

3.) Executable bundle icon: Is there a way to programmatically set the  
path to an .icns to be used as the application icon?

4.) It worked in an earlier version of my app, but now making a  
distribution in DrScheme yields (Plt v 372):

cadr: expects argument of type <cadrable value>; given >prcurrent- 

  === context ===
/Applications/PLT Scheme v372/collects/compiler/distribute.ss:369:4:  

Any idea what may cause this?

5.) I guess I need to use create-embedding-executable to make my own  
customized distribution. Does someone have a sample of how to use this  



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