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From: William Stanley (cpt_silverfox at hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 8 22:08:36 EST 2008

Exercise 2.2.4.    
Define the program convert3. It consumes three digits, starting
with the least significant digit, followed by the next most significant
one, and so on. The program produces the corresponding number. For
example, the expected value of 

(convert3 1 2 3) 

is 321. Use an algebra book to find out how such a conversion

Okay I had gone past this exercise but as I couldn't figure it out it was bugging me... and I must say its been a while since I regularly used algebra but after racking my brain for a while and googling for even longer I throw myself at your mercy... I am sure it is rather simple but I am stumped... sometimes I wish I could peek at those answers... even just to see if I got it right.


Travis Stanley

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