broken MacOS installer? was: Re: [plt-scheme] please help us scribble!

From: Andrew Reilly (andrew-scheme at
Date: Tue Jan 8 00:31:22 EST 2008

Hi all,

I've just installed on my PPC Mac from the installer
(not self-compiled) and it breaks on start-up with the error
message (after the splash-window progress bar gets to the end):

standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found: #<path:scribblings/guide> in any of: (#<path:/Users/andrew/Library/PLT Scheme/> #<path:/Applications/PLT Scheme v3.99.0.9/collects>)

 === context ===
/Applications/PLT Scheme v3.99.0.9/collects/syntax/ resolve-module-path
/Applications/PLT Scheme v3.99.0.9/collects/scribble/ module-path-prefix->string


There must be something incomplete in the installation image,
because I have also installed from source from svn
(3jan2008) on my FreeBSD system, and it starts just fine.

Scribble looks great!  A few years ago I discovered and enjoyed
using Manuel Serrano's "skribe" (in fact, that was my first
introduction to scheme), but I stopped using it some time after
he announced that he had stopped supporting it.  Scribble looks
like a very similar idea, but with the extra advantage of nicer
(more tex-like?) surface syntax.  Is there any current or planned
support for maths?  [I know, this is an unfair question, since
mathml is (a) so nasty and (b) so well supported...  I'll just
have to stick to LaTeX for papers with equations in them.]

Also: weird formatting thing in the scribble documentation (at
the link below):  In epiphany on my FreeBSD system, it takes two
clicks on the prev, up or next links to make the browser actually
follow the link.  On the first click, the table re-formats itself
with a line-break between the larrow and the "prev", and (in the
top of page version) the Version: text moves left, to
sit above the up and next links.  This behaviour seems to be
entirely robust, and independent of text size.  Same broken
behaviour with Firefox under GNOME: must be something wrong with
Gecko's font sizing under X, I suppose.  In Safari, the arrows
render as the "missing glyph" box, but they look OK in Firefox
and Camino.  Odd.


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