[plt-scheme] Bundling .dylib with a MrEd executable on OS X

From: Erich Rast (erich at snafu.de)
Date: Tue Jan 8 05:03:56 EST 2008


I'd like to deploy (not now, but sooner than later) a MrEd application  
on OS X that accesses several dynamic libraries via FFI. As it is  
intended to be an up-and-running end-user application, it's not an  
option to build the shared libraries from source on each target  
system. Ideally, they should be bundled into the OS X application  
bundle. So here are my questions:

1.) Is it possible to put a dynamic library into the MrEd .app bundle  
on OS X such that the FFI loads this library (even if a corresponding  
shared library is already installed system- or user-wide on the target  

2.) If yes to 1, can the FFI be changed globally to load all or  
specific libraries from the application bundle or do I need to  
manually hack each Scheme library/module that uses the FFI?

Or is this even easier and there is a relative path in the bundle that  
has priority over system libraries? I didn't find any reliable  
information about this on the Net, perhaps I was using the wrong  
search terms.

Best regards,


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