[plt-scheme] instaweb, #:listen-ip

From: Geoff Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Mon Jan 7 14:02:55 EST 2008

I suspected this might be the case.  Thank you for the clarification.   
Now I can say without further qualification, Thank You All for Instaweb!


On Jan 7, 2008, at 13:02, Dave Gurnell wrote:

> Hi Geoffrey,
> I had a small hand in the development of Instaweb. This is my  
> understanding of things, and I may be wrong:
> AFAIK, #:listen-ip essentially allows you to specify which network  
> interface you want to listen on. The argument value has to be one of  
> the IP addresses assigned to the *server* machine. If you're using  
> the IP of a client machine (which is what it looks like from your  
> email) it won't work. Having said that, when I tried this earlier  
> (on Mac OS X) I got a different message from you ("(Can't assign  
> requested address; errno=49)").
> The most definitive documentation I can find is the Help Desk  
> documentation for the MzScheme "tcp-listen" procedure, which is  
> where the argument eventually ends up.
> If you want to accept connections only from a single client machine,  
> you can always check the value of the Host header in your servlet  
> code. This doesn't stop the server accepting the connection, but it  
> does let you provide an "Access Denied" or "Not Found" HTTP response.
> Cheers,
> -- Dave

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