[plt-scheme] Ludum Dare entry done in Scheme

From: Henk Boom (lunarc.lists at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 28 22:58:07 EST 2008

On 28/02/2008, Jon Rafkind <workmin at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> Your game was really great, I enjoyed playing it! The source didn't look
>  too bad.


> What is your opinion working with SDL?

Overall, I like it. It's simple to use, and lets you control your own
main loop. The libraries for images and sound are also quite useful.

I had some trouble wrapping its event structures: the foreign.ss
library seems not to support unions, so I have to guess the size of
the SDL_Event structure based on the max of the other structures.

Was there anything in particular you wanted to know?


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