[plt-scheme] Re: tetris

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 27 10:58:16 EST 2008

An interesting question would be to incorporate this game as a teaser  
into 211 next time around. -- Matthias

On Feb 27, 2008, at 10:53 AM, David Van Horn wrote:

> Jon Rafkind wrote:
>> I thought the recently uploaded tetris game to planet was fun so I
>> converted it to use the Allegro package instead of htdp. Theres not
>> really much of a point and its not like it runs better or  
>> anything, but
>> it was good to compare htdp's functional style with Allegro's mostly
>> imperative style. It probably won't work too well in osx.
>> Tetris on planet:
>> http://planet.plt-scheme.org/display.ss? 
>> package=tetris.plt;owner=dvanhorn
>> Code attached if you want to try it.
> Hi Jon,
> Thanks for the code and interest in the Tetris package.  I'd be  
> happy to include an Allegro version of the game in the package (I  
> also have a 3D OpenGL version that will make it in eventually), but  
> with the code you sent, I noticed a couple things:
>   - when the game ends, DrScheme hangs, requiring me to manually kill
>     DrScheme after each play.
>   - once I move left, I always move left, regardless of keyboard  
> input.
> I'm using OS X -- maybe this is relevant?
> David
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