[plt-scheme] help browser question

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sat Feb 23 17:44:07 EST 2008

I tried to order firefox. Got a message within seconds that my payment was 
accepted, but got no facilities to download anything.
The firefox help chat wasn't friendly and chut down the connection while we 
were chatting.
No, I was not unfriendly, although pretty clear in what I wanted. Just a 
download of the product I payed for.

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> What? You are still using MS IE? Just use Firefox as your default browser.
> Chongkai
> Jos Koot wrote:
>> Hi,
>> When in DrScheme I ask for help, a browser is opened fine. Most of the 
>> time I click 'Reference PLT Scheme'. Then the browser warns me about an 
>> active X-element and blocks it until I click twice that I fully trust PLT 
>> stuff. I tried to tell my internet explorer that PLT can be trusted, but 
>> it accepts urls only, no local files or directories. How can I tell 
>> Windows XP that I trust PLT and all stuff downloaded from PLT. I want to 
>> avoid the two additional clicks that are required every time. I think I 
>> do know something about Scheme, but the insides of Windows cannot arouse 
>> my interest. I want my OS to be invisible, or at least just do as I order 
>> it to do. Please help me. Thanks, Jos

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