[plt-scheme] Debugging through eval?

From: Gregory Cooper (greg at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 17 23:16:28 EST 2008

> The debugger (and the stepper, and errortrace, and syntactic coverage
> etc) annotate your code -- they basically insert new code into your
> own code.  So they will not work with any code that they don't see,
> and they will not change any existing random lists that might turn to
> code by sending them to eval.  (Maybe they could change eval so that
> it adds the annotation on its data, but by then the data is just a
> source-less sexpr.)

In fact, the debugger does work by overriding (current-eval), but as
you say, it has no way of mapping the contents of a list to locations
in the definitions pane.


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