[plt-scheme] Newbie help please

From: Jens Axel Soegaard (jensaxel at soegaard.net)
Date: Sat Feb 9 05:30:04 EST 2008

mobius wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> to preface, I have been a windows user / developer for a long time and
> this is one of my initial attempts to become familiar with developing
> on linux command line
> [I am trying to get ARC to properly run on my RHEL system]
> I have downloaded MzScheme v 352 as well as Arc0
> http://arclanguage.org/install
> I have downloaded the appropriate tar files and am able to extract
> them ok - I am having trouble with the following:
> #2 Put MzScheme's bin directory on the path
> #3 From the arc0 directory, run the command mzscheme -m -f as.scm, as
> recommended

If you have problems setting the path, an alternative is to use

   /path-to-where-you-extracted-mzscheme/bin/mzsceme -m -f as.scm

in order to invoke mzscheme.

Jens Axel Søgaard

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