[plt-scheme] htdp and modules

From: Jan Christiansen (jac at informatik.uni-kiel.de)
Date: Thu Nov 22 11:57:53 EST 2007


Am 22.11.2007 um 15:16 schrieb Matthias Felleisen:

> You can use the module language and restrict the internal of a  
> module to Beginning Student (and friends) as follows:
> [...]

We would like to use the provide command. Is it possible to get this  
as well?

We also thought about using contracts. Is there a way to use  
contracts with the HtDP languages in a similar way?

> May I ask why you are not using HtDP this term?

We really would like to use HtDP (and we at least use it for the  
first quarter of the course) but we would also like to use the module  
system for the next exercises. We want to demonstrate the ideas of  
abstract data types.

Regards, Jan

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