[plt-scheme] doing without load-extension

From: Dave Griffiths (dave at pawfal.org)
Date: Thu Nov 15 17:12:46 EST 2007

Hi all,

Is it possible to write modules which use extensions but don't need to
have load-extension called before they are require'd?

For example, I'm currently having to do something like this:

(load-extension "path/to/my-extension.so")

(module my-module mzscheme
   (require my-extension-namespace)

I'd like the user of my-module to be just able to call:
(require my-module)

Without needing to know or care about it using extensions.
>From looking at the list archives it looks like require-dynamic is what
I am looking for, but I can't seem to get it to work - the equivalent

(dynamic-require '(lib "my-extension.ss" "my-lib") #f)

With (in my case):

But nothing seems to happen (this is largely guesswork though, I think
I'm overlooking the right bit of documentation).



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