[plt-scheme] Great books on algorithms?

From: Jason Wang (randomtalk at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Nov 4 10:34:46 EST 2007

Well i'm a freshman at Waterloo and currently am reading Algorithms by
S. Dasgupta, C.H. Papadimitriou, and U.V. Vazirani (its a free book
availiable here: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~vazirani/algorithms.html
), not sure if there is anyone here who has read it before. So far i'm
half way through chapter three (skipping the section on complex number
and stuff since i haven't covered that stuff in math yet), it seems
very easy to understand and is overall a readable volume. The book
also has a lot of exercises, but it doesn't have any solutions, so i'm
not sure if my solutions are correct or not.

I also want to pick up the Introduction to Algorithms but i'm not sure
if its on my level or not, so i'm going to wait a bit and see how far
i get through in this book..


On 11/4/07, Shriram Krishnamurthi <sk at cs.brown.edu> wrote:
> I would say something, but I should defer to Prabhakar. (-:
> On 11/2/07, Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten <joseph at josephholsten.com> wrote:
> > Anyone had any great fondness of "Functional Data Structures"?
> >
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