[plt-scheme] RSA encryption algorithm

From: Felix Klock's PLT scheme proxy (pltscheme at pnkfx.org)
Date: Sat Nov 3 13:38:27 EDT 2007

On Nov 3, 2007, at 1:14 PM, Filipe Cabecinhas wrote:

> On 3 Nov, 2007, at 10:25, Cristiano Rocha wrote:
>> But I'm having doubts in the 3rd point. I don't know how I'm  
>> supposed to let Scheme now that "e" and "n" are variables used  
>> previously.
> Anyway, I think I may help you with something...
> Why can't you "save" those variables (I'm sure you learned, by now,  
> how to do that) and re-use them? Remembering the results from  
> functions you called previously is quite straightforward.

I'm inferring that you are referring to the use of the (local ...) or  
(let ...) [or let* or letrec or letrec*] special forms.  One can  
certainly save and reuse previous results through other means, but  
those forms are the first things that pop into my mind after reading  
last sentence you wrote above.

If the class is using HtDP as their text, they might not have seen  
any of those forms yet.  The (local ...) form is not introduced in  
HtDP until the end of part III, and my memory is that the other forms  
are never introduced in HtDP.

Then again, maybe the class is well past part III of the text.


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