[plt-scheme] How do you change the error highlight color?

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Thu May 31 13:11:46 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

I recently completely changed my color scheme in DrScheme,
moving from the default page white background to a very
dark blue hue.  It took a while of experimenting, but I've now
got my editor text in bright white, and my parentheses in
absolute black, with most other text in medium saturated
hues of different color with relatviely high luminance.  I find
that this color scheme, as I think Eli pointed out previously,
is quite a bit easier on the eyes, especially at night, which
is when I do most of my coding.

However, there are two colors I don't seem to be able to
control, which spoil an otherwise very workable color
scheme.  The most dreadful of all is the quite bright,
under saturated reddish hue color used to highlight
text in the editor to indicate the code involved in raiseing
an error.  It works quite nicely on a bright background,
but it completely obscures my view of the code on a dark
background.  All I can see are the black parentheses.  Even
the arrows, drawn to indicate essentially a visual stack trace
are completely obscured.  I've gone through every tab in
the color preferences and I can't find a color that comes
close to the error highlight color.

Have I overlooked something, or is the color hard coded
into the source, and if so, where would that be?

The other color that I can't seem to control is the color
used to display the current language.  On my system it's
a shade of green that is nearly invisible against the dark
blue background.

Again, if anyone knows where these colors are set I'd be
very greatful to here about it.


airfoil at bellsouth dot net

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