[plt-scheme] Wake on Lan in Scheme

From: geb a (geb_a at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 1 16:11:32 EDT 2007

Thank you Daniel and Geoffrey for all your help.

I have one more question in the code below dealing
with the parameters passed to socket-sendmsg.  Since
the machine is not on , it doesn't yet have an
ip-address so what do I send the msg to - a machine
address? and also how do I indicate that it should be
broadcast on port 9? I realize that the socket is
already set for that, but the python code reiterates
the broadcast information.

Thanks for all the help,


;; here is the second iteration... now I am having a
problem with 
(require (planet "socket.ss" ("vyzo" "socket.plt" 1
(define pc02 (bytes #x00 #x13 #x72 #xA2 #xB0 #x96))
(define (repeat mac n)
    [(= n 0) (bytes )]
     (bytes-append mac (repeat mac (sub1 n)))])) 

(define (magic-packet mac)
  (let ((mac  (repeat mac 16)))
   (bytes-append (bytes #xFF #xFF #xFF #xFF #xFF #xFF)

(define msg (magic-packet pc02))
(define s (socket PF_INET SOCK_DGRAM))
(socket-setsockopt s SOL_SOCKET SO_BROADCAST #t) 

(socket-sendmsg s 
                ... ??is this a machine address
because the machine is not turned on?? 
                ... ??How do I indicate that this is

(socket-close s)

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