[plt-scheme] Problems installing on cygwin

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 28 18:06:04 EDT 2007

This isn't much of a response, but just so you know that I haven't

At Wed, 27 Jun 2007 17:11:31 +1000, nanothief wrote:
> > I'm not sure of the problem, but does it work if you leave out
> > --enable-shared?
> >   
> Leaving that out fixes the missing libraries problems, but another 
> problem appeared. I got an error:
>    open-input-output-file: cannot open output file: 
> "/usr/local/plt/bin/mzscheme.exe" (No such file or directory; errno=2)

This looks familiar, but I can't remember the resolution.

> Another thing, in the README.txt it states:
> To compile with Cygwin tools, follow the Unix instructions below, and be 
> sure to configure with --enable-shared.

There's a small chance that --enable-shared fixes the pathname problem
somehow. I vaguely remember something like that, even though it doesn't
make sense to me now. (Too bad I didn't say in the README *why*
--enable-shared should be used.)

I hope to investigate more soon.


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