[plt-scheme] F1 on keyword

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Sun Jun 24 19:16:03 EDT 2007

I typed:  (define-syntax

and pressed F1.  The wonderful Help Desk came up, but came up empty  
for "Keyword entry" and "Keyword or index entry."  When I switched  
Help Desk to "Keyword, index entry, or text," I got all the  
information I could want.  Is there a reason it should not have  
worked with either of the first two options selected?  Same thing  
happened with syntax-rules.  I had switched my default search to  
"Keyword search" when I still had a PowerBook G4 and Help Desk was  
slow enough to discourage use.  Now I have a MacBook Pro and Help  
Desk is fast (yea!), but maybe there are still people trying to get  
by with minimum search.

After my last SVN update ( 370.3-svn12jun2007 [3m] ), I remember  
doing `make' and `make-install'.  Did I forget something?


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