[plt-scheme] Cannot start drscheme

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Jun 23 22:01:15 EDT 2007

On Jun 23, Frederik Himpe wrote:
> I build and installed Mandriva's drscheme RPM, but when I run drscheme, 
> actually mred is started with the message that I should start drscheme to 
> get a better window.
> It seems drscheme is a schell script which launches
> "${bindir}/mred"  ${xa+"-display"} ${xa+"$xa"} ${xb+"-geometry"} ${xb
> +"$xb"} ${xc+"-bg"} ${xc+"$xc"} ${xd+"-fg"} ${xd+"$xd"} ${xe+"-font"} ${xe
> +"$xe"} ${xf+"-name"} ${xf+"$xf"} ${xg+"-selectionTimeout"} ${xg+"$xg"} 
> ${xh+"-title"} ${xh+"$xh"} ${xi+"-xnllanguage"} ${xi+"$xi"} ${xj+"-xrm"} 
> ${xj+"$xj"} ${xk+"-iconic"} ${xl+"-rv"} ${xm+"+rv"} ${xn+"-synchronous"} 
> ${xo+"-singleInstance"} -N "$0" '-ZmvqL-' 'drscheme.ss' 'drscheme'  ${1
> +"$@"}
> drscheme.ss is installed in /usr/lib/plt/collects/drscheme/drscheme.ss
> The whole contents of the RPM can be seen here:
> http://sophie.zarb.org/viewrpm/f9cb441a970753b1034af8864e0e5719

Can you tell me how to download and install this package?  (I've
installed Mandriva on VMware, but for some reason the gnome panel
isn't working.)
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