[plt-scheme] using xml syntax for programming in scheme

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 21 22:31:42 EDT 2007

On 6/21/07, Corey Sweeney <corey.sweeney at gmail.com> wrote:
> However:
> (lambda (n m) (lambda (s) (lambda (z) ((n s) ((m s) z)))))
> becomes:
> . . user.edit-function.scm::17339: srep->attribute: expected (list
> Symbol String) given (m s)

Not all valid s-expression are valid x-expressions. This one is an
error because of "((n s) ", there is no tag name. What you want to do
is expand or add #%app to get around this. Quoting would be difficult.


Jay McCarthy <jay.mccarthy at gmail.com>

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