[plt-scheme] EOPL pre-requisites?

From: Marco Morazan (morazanm at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 19 19:35:06 EDT 2007

Let me answer without saying anything about the toughness issue. I
think it is best for you to discover whether it is or is not tough.

To tackle EOPL you should be familiar with Scheme. It would also be
good to have some experience with BNF grammars and understand how to
program (in a disciplined fashion) using ADTs. Finally, be open
towards the advice the authors give (especially in Chapter 1).

Other than that, enjoy the book and the exercises (some of which can
require a lot of time to figure out)! :-) Keep in mind that most of
the exercises have a purpose beyond presenting a challenge to be
solved and then forgotten. You will need past solutions for future



On 6/19/07, Grant Rettke <grettke at acm.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Over the past few months I've been reading books on Scheme and asking
> questions on the group and solving problems and writings bits of code
> here and there. Moving forward I was to focus on one thing (time
> limited of course), and I think that the "one thing" may be learning
> about writing interpreters.
> It looks like *the* book out there is Essentials of Programming Languages.
> Folks say that this is one tough book, though. They go on and on about
> it about the fact that it is so so challenging (and in the same breath
> also say that no other book does as well a job).
> For folks that think it is so tough what is the best way to prepare
> myself before getting started with this book?
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