[plt-scheme] Using initial-required-module-name

From: Mark Smithfield (m_smithfield at yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jun 14 23:03:13 EDT 2007

I am attempting to build a unit-test module and a
metacircular evaluator module (the replacement for
mzscheme) and a file of tests that unit-tests the
evaluator I have written.

Starting w/ this..

(module module-identifier initial-required-module-name
body-datum ···)

and the lambda calculus example in section 12.5 of the
mzscheme language docs, I have been able to create a
module that uses a value other than mzscheme for
initial-required-module-name. But it only works if the
replacement for mzscheme, the module that uses it and
the code that uses the both of them are in the same

Perhaps this is a wrongheaded approach, and I am open
to suggestions, but I would still like to know how to
create a module that can replace mzscheme w/o being in
the same file?


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