[plt-scheme] Re: trouble installing plt v370 on ubuntu

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Jun 12 00:31:28 EDT 2007

On Jun 12, Day wrote:
> What happened when i ran mred directly is that nothing happened!

Do you mean that you enter `/usr/plt/mred' and nothing happens?
Something is definitely wrong with that and I have no idea what can
cause this.  If you can provide me with remote ssh access I can try to
see what went wrong.

> I don't think there exists any problem with permission because i
> have tried sudo and even as the root. Both failed.

In the same way?

> Why do you provide a package? Or any one responsible for updating
> the package provided by the Ubuntu community.I installed from the
> package days ago but it is version 352, out of date.

I think that the ubuntu package is inherited from the debian one, and
there was an issue of who is responsible for that.  If anyone wishes
to do this, I can help a little.  (Not on the ubuntu aspect though,
I'm using FC as my platform.)  It shouldn't be too difficult, since we
now have pretty much everything that makes packagers happy.

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