[plt-scheme] Brainstorming about how to transform UML XMI into some code

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at acm.org)
Date: Mon Jun 11 10:08:56 EDT 2007


On 6/10/07, Geoffrey S. Knauth <geoff at knauth.org> wrote:
> On Jun 10, 2007, at 13:06, Grant Rettke wrote:
> > Those double brackets are actually guillemots (incidentally this is
> > the first time I've ever seen or heard of a guillemots).
> Guillemots are quotation marks in French (and I bet some other
> European languages).  I used them as a child at the Lyçée Français.
> Now they are Unicode characters 00AB and 00BB, or UTF8 C2 AB and C2 BB.

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