[plt-scheme] Please share your comments on the pros and cons of mzscheme + EMACS

From: Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Thu Jun 7 15:01:32 EDT 2007

I've used vi, emacs, and lots of other tools to programm scheme
in. But I've been using Eclipse now for more than a year, and I'm
very pleased with it.


Grant Rettke schreef:
> Hi folks,
> I grew up using either vi or notepad, yes I lived a sheltered life.
> That said, I am pretty happy with DrScheme. I haven't even learned any
> advanced key commands to select s-expressions, it is on my list,
> though.
> It "sounds" like everyone uses EMACS. "They" keep talking about how
> great it is for LISP, and how much they love it.
> EMACS looks like it has a bit of a learning curve? Is that true? Do 
> you use it?
> What are the pros and cons in your mind of using EMACS with mzscheme.
> Do you use it on Windows?
> There are a few articles about emacs and mzscheme.
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