[plt-scheme] Re: pretty-print not so pretty

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Thu Jan 18 14:32:13 EST 2007

Danny Yoo <dyoo at ...> writes:

> Hi Kyle,
> What I did is more involved than I anticipated, but here's something that 
> might help:
> ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> (module pretty-tab mzscheme
>    (require (lib "framework.ss" "framework")
>             (lib "pretty.ss")
>             (lib "class.ss"))
>    (provide pretty-scheme-stx-≥string)
>    ;; pretty-scheme-stx-≥string: stx -> string
>    ;; Tries to prettify the stx using scheme:text%'s tabify.
>    (define (pretty-scheme-stx-≥string stx)
>      (define (open stx)

Well I have to say, that's some mighty impressive coding.  From my post to 
post, from my query of an issue to your sign-sealed-delivered solution, was 
two hours flat.  You're a talented man, and I'm very grateful for your 
effort.  It's exactlty what the doctor ordered, in fact made to order.

Really, thanks a bunch Danny.  Your the tops.

airfoil at bellsouth.net

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