[plt-scheme] (clarification) Looking for Psychology lab applications

From: Rohan Drape (rd at slavepianos.org)
Date: Fri Jan 12 07:36:05 EST 2007

Rohan Drape <rd at slavepianos.org> writes:

> Try sending a harmless message first, ie:
>   (->< server /status)

In fact this won't work initially either, and for the same reason play
doesn't work, which is because ->< empties the incoming message queue
so that it can report if the server replies correctly.

> Actually, you will normally need to make a group node with ID 1 before
> play will work, the simplest way to do that is:
>   (reset server)

This does work since it sends only synchronous messages.  The scsynth
boot command I use sleeps for half a second and then runs reset. In
the rsc emacs mode boot is bound to C-cC-b and reset is bound to


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