[plt-scheme] Re: 359.3 -   in documentation

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jan 8 12:02:46 EST 2007

On Jan  8, Kyle Smith wrote:
> However, this would be my first time using svn.  Do the good folks
> at PLT have a white paper on how to get a client svn setup for use
> with the PLT repsoistory and stay current automatically?  I'd
> appreciate anything you might have on this topic.

I just wanted to point out that part of the reason for going with svn
is that there are many good places to learn about it.

> Also, my C compiler is in MS Visual Studio 2005.  Is this an
> acceptable development platform, or do I need to download that free
> express version I keep hearing about.

I don't remember which year is which version, but it sounds like you
shouldn't have a problem.  In any case, if you do have a problem it
will be with the project files that changes with every devstudio

> I also have gcc in the cygwin distribution, but I understand that if
> I compile under cygwin, my installlation of DrScheme would be
> labeled as operating under *nix, and I assume that would mean I
> would have to run DrScheme in X-Windows, or not at all.  I'm just
> not clear on that part.

Yes, it would require an X server.  I was pleasantly surprised to see
that the whole thing works on cygwin, but a proper Windows application
works better.

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