[plt-scheme] typed-scm

From: Nathan Thern (nthern at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Feb 27 18:33:33 EST 2007

Does anyone know why I cannot load typed-scm from PLaneT? I have successfully downloaded several
other packages. I just now tried different one and it was successful, but typed-scheme still won't

> (require (planet "roos.scm" ("oesterholt" "roos.plt" 1 5)))
> (require (planet "typed-scheme.ss" ("samth" "typed-scheme.plt" 1 2)))
planet: Could not find package matching ("typed-scheme.plt" 1 (2 #f) ("samth")) in: (planet
"typed-scheme.ss" ("samth" "typed-scheme.plt" 1 2))
> ; or, as recommended in the documentation...
> (require (planet "info.ss" ("plt" "typed-scheme.plt")))
planet: Could not find package matching ("typed-scheme.plt" #f (0 #f) ("plt")) in: (planet
"info.ss" ("plt" "typed-scheme.plt"))

Using DrScheme 351 under Win2k.

Nate T

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