[plt-scheme] eval not aware of vars defined in same function as caller

From: George Herson (gherson at snet.net)
Date: Sun Feb 25 14:27:28 EST 2007

(define f 5)
(define test
  (lambda ()
    (define g 4)
    (display (eval '(* f 3)))(newline)
    (display (eval '(* g 6)))))
reference to undefined identifier: g

Why is g undefined?  EVAL should be using the current
namespace, where g /is/ defined.  The "PLT MzScheme:
Language Manual" says:  
(eval expr [namespace]) evaluates expr in namespace,
or in the current namespace if namespace is not

The error is the same if I specify (current-namespace)
in the latter EVAL call.

thank you.

George Herson

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