[plt-scheme] Make multiple attempts to open DrScheme join running process?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Feb 25 01:33:29 EST 2007

On Feb 24, Todd O'Bryan wrote:
> As I've mentioned before, I'm running DrScheme in a thin terminal
> lab and have 30 students sharing one server.

On a single machine?  I don't think that it's possible.

> Students seem to be in the very bad habit of double-clicking files
> to open them, not realizing that (I think) this spawns a new
> DrScheme process and eats up lots of memory.
> Is there any way to have subsequent calls to DrScheme (well, the
> drscheme binary) check for a running version for the given user and
> open a new tab with the file if there is one, or open a new instance
> if not.

It should do this on Windows.  I'm not sure about OSX, but on Unix
it's very difficult to arrange such things (and not even desirable in
many cases).

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