[plt-scheme] Standalone MysterX application

From: Sverrir Valgeirsson (e96sv at yahoo.se)
Date: Thu Feb 15 09:22:55 EST 2007

I'm trying to make a very simple MysterX application work as a standalone program using DrScheme v360.
My program works nicely when running from within DrScheme, but when running standalone it exits with error:
"mxmain.ss: you seem to be missing mxmain.dll; you need to build MysterX in plt\src\mysterx\"

I have tryed to copy the mxmain.dll file into the directory where the application is started from, to WINNT/system32 and to plt/src/mysterx (relative from where the .exe file resides). None of these have had any effect. 
Any suggestions on how to get the application to find the .dll? 


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