[plt-scheme] Re: Debugging servlets in DrScheme

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Sat Feb 10 23:29:58 EST 2007

A year from now I'll be teaching a semester web programming course.   
I'd definitely like to include DrScheme servlets in the mix, since  
numerous capable websites have been "driven by PLT" for a while.   
I've mostly used PLT servlets for personal web apps, though a couple  
of years ago I wrote Scheme servlets to interactively design live  
screens and workflows at a customer site during a one-day meeting of  
interested parties developing a Tomcat application.  I don't know how  
fragile a PLT webserver is under heavy usage.  I have students who  
thought LAMP was all they needed until their sites and databases grew  
to be very large.  The choice of alternatives these days is so rich  
it's scary but also exciting.  We need a webserver shootout site like  
the Computer Language Shootout Benchmarks[1].

Geoffrey S. Knauth | http://knauth.org/gsk

[1] http://shootout.alioth.debian.org/

On Feb 10, 2007, at 14:41, Matthias Felleisen wrote:

>> I would like to be able to change code in editor, recompile and see
>> behavior changed immediately without need to copy scripts to other
>> directory, restarting webserver, etc. At least as easy as with
>> Allegroserve.
> That's exactly what servlet.ss and servlet2.ss accomplish.
> And that's what I had in mind for my freshmen course.
> Your idea makes sense and is superior to my own one-time
> use with freshmen. They didn't get too interested in web
> programming then.
> A warning though: it won't look as nice as an AJAX game :-)

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