[plt-scheme] MySQL driver over via MySQL protocol

From: Eric Knauel (ek at macnews.de)
Date: Mon Feb 5 13:11:50 EST 2007

On Sat 03 Feb 2007 19:45, Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema <hdnews at gawab.com> writes:

> I've started to develop a driver for sqlid, sqld-mysql on
> schematics.sourceforge.net.
> Is anyone interested to join in this effort?
> There's a protocol description at:
> http://www.redferni.uklinux.net/mysql/MySQL-Protocol.html

This document describes the protocol prior MySQL 4.1 which is
out of date. The official manual at


describes the new protocol.  However, it doesn't include all necessary
details either.  Here is another starting point written in Scheme for
Scheme48 and scsh:


It should be easy to port the code to PLT Scheme. 

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