[plt-scheme] Novice needs help writing function

From: dave yrueta (dyrueta at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 27 12:55:31 EST 2007

Hi All --

I'm a novice programmer embarking on a self-study course with "How to
Design Programs" and I'm stuck on a problem that's driving me nuts!
Some help would be greatly appreciated.

The problems asks you to write a function which recursively mimics the
following sequence of function calls --

       (move-picture 1
             (move-picture 1
                  (move-picture 1
                        move-picture 1 FACE)

-- where "draw-list-of-shapes" is a function which consumes a single
"shape" structure, draws the shape by referring to other drawing
functions, and returns "true;"

--"move-pictures" consumes a number and a "shape" structure, draws and
clears the shape and then returns a shape structure incremented by the
value of the "number" parameter on the x axis of the drawing canvas,

--"FACE" is a list of shapes resembling a human face.

The challenge for me in writing this function is dealing with the list
output of the "move-picture" function, which, since it's not boolean,
cannot be evaluated within a conditional expression.  So the closest
I've gotten to a solution is this function --

(define(apply-n n)
    [(zero? n) true]
    [else (and(apply-n (sub1 n))(draw-losh(move-picture (+ 1 n)

The problem with this solution is that it draws 5 faces incremented by
a value of 1 pixel across the x axis, instead of drawing a shape,
clearing it, and then drawing the new "translated" shape, as the
problem requests.

Any thoughts?  Here's the full text of the problem in case I've
explained it poorly:

Exercise 11.2.3.   Develop apply-n. The function consumes a natural
number, n. It applies the function move from exercise 10.3.6 n times
to FACE, the list of shapes from exercise 10.3.1. Each application
should translate the shape by one pixel. The purpose of the function
is to simulate a continuously moving shape on a canvas, the last
missing piece of the extended exercise 10.3.

Thanks for your help!  This is my first time posting, so your support
is greatly appreciated!


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