[plt-scheme] precise GC example?

From: Chongkai Zhu (czhu at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sat Dec 29 00:59:54 EST 2007

All I can suggest now is to carefully read section 3 of inside mzscheme 
manual, especially "3.1.4 Guiding mzc --xform".

If you have more problem with particular piece of code, you can also 
post it here for help.


tom sgouros wrote:
> Hello all:
> I'm in the process of converting some C code I used to extend an old
> version of mzscheme into a dylib with which to extend an up-to-date
> version.  I'm trying to teach the new code how to cooperate with the 3m
> GC system, and it's pretty slow going, and I don't have high confidence
> that I'm doing it right.
> I've already read in the list archives about a way to get around a
> "suspicious arithmetic" error using the GC_CAN_IGNORE flag, so that's
> one roadblock skirted, perhaps.
> I wonder, though, if anyone has a more elaborate example of the genre
> to share than the one in collects/mzscheme/example.  I'd be particularly
> grateful as well for an example that worked via the mzc --xform compile.
> I also wonder about testing.  With GC issues, I'm thinking that merely
> working isn't a particularly good test.  How can I be sure that I've
> done this correctly and that I'm not merely creating opportunities for
> obscure failures at random times in the future?
> Many thanks in advance for any advice on these matters anyone would like
> to offer.
> Happy Lang Syne to all of you.
>  -tom

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