[plt-scheme] Commercial hosting of the PLT Web Server

From: Dan Prager (danprager at optusnet.com.au)
Date: Mon Dec 24 19:59:05 EST 2007

Hi Mat

Thanks for taking an interest.


I do commercial work by day, but have a personal fun project that I am keen 
to start on.
For maximum enjoyment I would like to use Scheme, but am concerned that I 
won't be able
to easily obtain public hosting at a spouse-justifiable price.


By cheap, let's go with <= $5 (maybe $15) / month.

By simple:  I mean that I would prefer not to have to do some sysadmin-y

Ideally, are there services out there that allow you to use the PLT 
to host your app "out-of-the-box" (I couldn't find any)?

Alternatively, I am prepared to learn and do what is necessary
within reasonable time constraints.  For example, if there are services that
allow you to set up your own web-server, and that's the easiest way to get 
then if someone could point me to such a service, or -- even better -- point 
instructions for how to set-up the PLT Webserver on such a service, that 
would be

By levels of service:  Pretty rudimentary would suffice.


If it turns out that my idea "takes off", then I would be interested in 
higher cost, higher
level-of-service alternatives.

Thanks again


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