[plt-scheme] Make executable with mzc

From: OXINARF (francisco.ns.ferreira at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Dec 19 14:10:13 EST 2007


I had a work for university, where teachers gave us one compiled file
with an interface for the program that we have to do. The language
used was Graphical (MrEd with MzScheme).

I have writte all the code, and it's all working. But since it's my
first "job" I would like to put it on an executable that I can share
with everyone (people already asked me for it). So I tried it with
mzc. But it requires modules to one executable, so I simply put:

(module <name of file> mzscheme

<my code>

(provide (all-defined) (all-from "interface.zo")))

where interface.zo is file that teachers gave us.

Now I go do following command: C:\Programas\PLT\mzc.exe --gui-exe
Sudoku FP0708-10.scm  (first the path for mzc than the commands,
FP0708-10.scm is name of file with module).

All seems done but when I tried to execute file Sudoku it gives me:

define: not allowed in an expression context in: (define on-event
(lambda (event) (#<procedure:on-event-aux> event)))

 === context ===
#f::355: loop

I don't know why, because on DrScheme, everything is doing just fine.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

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