[plt-scheme] no word completion for custom collections

From: Robert Matovinovic (robert.matovinovic at web.de)
Date: Mon Dec 17 18:18:54 EST 2007

I'm very happy about the word completion feature in DrScheme, thanks. Some
time ago I wrote a package including some html documentation. The
documentation works fine in help desk, but I'm not able to complete the
commands provided by the package. There is only "...no completions
available". What does the trick?

I also tried scribble. Setup-plt doesn't give an error message when
compiling the scribble file, but I don't find my doc in help desk and no
completion either. It produces four files under /compiled/doc/manual,
index.html, scribble.css, x-ref-in.ss, x-ref-out.ss. Index.html looks fine
in Firefox but does not open with File/Open URL.... For the scribble doc I
used a very simple one, which I took from the documentation:

File manual.scrbl:
#lang scribble/doc
  @begin[(require (lib "manual.ss" "scribble"))
         (require-for-label (lib "lang.ss" "big")

  @title{My Library}

  @defproc[(position (x any/c) (y any/c) (z any/c)) any/c]
  Sets a position in world coordinates.

tp-commands.ss is the library I need to refer to.

The info.ss has the line (define scribblings '(("manual.scrbl" ()))).

What am I missing?

I'm using version 371.3-svn26oct2007 [3m] from the nightly builds with XP.

Thanks for your help.

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