[plt-scheme] Highlighting parentheses.

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Tue Dec 4 08:25:07 EST 2007

I think all your variants are delightful.  Thank you for this burst of  

My only reservation is that seeing the whole screen turn to color  
feels like overkill.  Maybe it is possible to color only a few sexps  
*in* (or *out*) from a certain level.  The cursor position would  
determine what is considered innermost, and a configurable parameter  
would specify how many levels to color in one direction or the other.

On Nov 30, 2007, at 12:40, Robby Findler wrote:

> Two more, seasonal varieties:
>   http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~robby/tmp/fall-parens.png
>   http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~robby/tmp/spring-parens.png
> (spring needs work).
> Robby

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