[plt-scheme] How can I print the procedure?

From: Majorinc, Kazimir (kazimir at chem.pmf.hr)
Date: Mon Dec 3 00:53:55 EST 2007

I said:

(define (min-f measure L)
  (cond ((empty? (rest L)) (first L))
        ((< (measure (first L))
            (measure (min-f measure (rest L))))
         (first L))
        (else (min-f measure (rest L)))))

(define (my-measure f)(+ (f 1) (f 10) (f 100)))
(define my-list-of-functions (list (lambda(x)(sin x))
                                   (lambda(x)(cos x))
                                   (lambda(x)(+ (sin x)(cos x)))
                                   (lambda(x)(* (sin x)(cos x)))))

(min-f my-measure my-list-of-functions)

And PLT said:


Is there any way to actually print that #<procedure>? Except rewriting 
such programs so they do not only calculate procedures, but also prepare 
human-readable output? It can be significant complication ...

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